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Gypsy @ North Riverside Players
Directed by John Nasca
Hair and Wig Artistry by Robert Hilliard

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Mama Rose, Baby June & Kids Uncle Jocko Scene
Uncle Jocko Scene
Baby June, Mamma Rose and Louise
Mama Rose and Father 'I had a Dream'
Dainty June
Baby June and her newsboys
Mama Rose & Dainty June
Mama Rose
Mama Rose & Herbie
Dainty June & Lousie and Farm boys
Mama Rose, Mrs. Goldstone, & Herbie
Mama Rose, Dainty June, Herbie & Louise
Dainty June 'Broadway'
Dainty June & her Farm boys 'Broadway'
Louise & Dainty June 'If Mama was Married'
All I Need is the Girl
Herbie, Louise, & Mama Rose
Herbie & Louise
Louise and her Torredorables
Louise and her Hollywood Blondes
Tessie Tura, Louise
Tessie Tura, Miss Zeppa, Electra
Loiuse, Miss Zeppa, Tessie Tura, & Electra
Miss Zeppa 'Gotta Have a Gimmick'
Gotta Have a Gimmick
Agnes & Tessie Tura
Louise & Mama Rose
Let Me Entertain You
The Strip
Miss Gypsy Rose Lee
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